palm springs travel diary

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travel memories


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Beautiful water lilies found outside of a temple in Ninh Binh, Vietnam.

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Riding camels across the Thar Desert in India.

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Visiting the beautiful cathedral cove in New Zealand.

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Walking up the steps of the detailed Taj Mahal in Agra, India.

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A beautiful beach in Belgium.

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The stunning Pantheon in Athens, Greece.

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Colourful fish found while snorkelling in Thailand.

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The famous (and picture perfect) pool in Sydney, Australia.

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A beautiful statue found in the Louvre, in Paris. I believe it is called the winged goddess.

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A cat resting at Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

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And finally, a few colourful building in Copenhagen, Denmark.


I have had a passion for travelling ever since I was young. During 2015 and 2016, my family of four had the amazing opportunity to travel around the world for a year. We went to 22 unique and beautiful countries and I loved every second of the trip. I met so many amazing people, forming life-long friendships. I was faced with so many opportunities, all which I am so grateful for. I am so thankful that my parents value experiences over possessions, and I would love to offer my future children the same opportunity. I made so many memories over the course of the year, and have decided to share a few of them with you. I posted a few travel diaries for quite a while ago, so if you want, give them a read. Australiaturkey – my journey through photosvietnam – my journey through photos.