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Aloha! A thrifting tips post has probably been one of my most requested blogposts ever! I have scored a ton of great stuff at my local thrift stores and I am going to share some tips so you can too! Some people really dislike thrifting, the thought of wearing someones used clothes makes them sick, and thats fine. Personally, I love it! You can buy designer items for a fraction of the cost. It is so satisfying, going in and coming out with a great piece of clothing! I usually shop at value village and other local thrift stores in my city Enough of me rambling, lets get onto the post!


01. go in with an open mind

This is one of the most important tips ever. You can’t go into a store, and expect to find the exact item you are looking for. However, you want to have an idea of what you want in your head. It is quite easy to get distracted because the stores are so big and have many items. Knowing what you are looking for, helps you stay organized and focused. For example, if you are looking mom jeans, you can go straight ahead to the denim section.

02. look through everything

This is also really important. Look through everything! Even if it isn’t your colour, or your size, still look at it! I like to start at the small side, and make my way to the large side. You never know, some employee or shopper may have placed the item in the wrong section.

03. check the mens

I only recently started doing this, and I have found so much! You might get some weird looks from the people around you, but thats okay! I like to look in the mens section for jeans and tee shirts. I sometimes even check the boys section!

04. if you see potential, try it on

When my friends tell me they can never find anything at the thrift store, I tell them this. Even if you see the smallest amount of potential, try it on! Trying it on wont do you any harm! You never know, you might love it!

05. go often

Ask one of the employees when they restock the racks so you know when to come. They usually restock the items at least one or two times a week.

06. wear a basic outfit

Wear a pretty simple outfit that can match with a lot of different items. I usually wear leggings or jeans, a plain tee shirt, my converse and a jean jacket.

07. shop off season

If you want to save money, shop off season. If you are looking for sweaters, instead of shopping in the fall, look during the spring and summer. The demand won’t be as high, and they will probably be cheaper.


Thank you for reading! I hope these tips helped you.

x x x  Jasper


24 thoughts on “how to thrift

  1. these were such great tips jasper! loved the style of this post : ) i also love thrifting and recently scored a black belt for 1 euro in paris <3!
    x x

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  2. This is really useful! I went thrifting the other day but didn’t find anything, so hopefully next time with these tips I will have a better chance! 🙂

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