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haven’t done a q & a before and i thought it would be nice for you guys to get to know me better! on my instagram i asked you guys to give me some questions! i received many questions from the lovely bloggers frankie, anika, dominique, maya, and lena! i want to thank them so much for asking me these questions!

1.   what inspires you?

i am inspired by so many things and people, especially images. i am constantly scrolling through instagram and pinterest seeking blog post inspiration! i am also inspired by my fellow bloggers 🙂

2.   what are some of your favourite places in your hometown?

i really love going downtown and exploring all the shops and cafes. china town is one of my favourite places to visit because it is so vibrant and colourful and just feels like it is full of good vibes!

i also enjoy going to the beach and having picnics with my friends and just chilling out!

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3.   what are you loving right now?

so many things! fashion wise i’m loving mom jeans, they are just so comfy and casual, i don’t know if i could ever go back to wearing skinny jeans!

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4.   favourite place you have travelled to?

i love all the countries i have travelled to, for different reasons, but i think my favourite has to be india. it is so different from canada and i love the culture and architecture! oh and the food!! i also loved visiting australia, new zealand, and france!

5.   favourite makeup brand / clothing brand?

my favourite makeup brand is by far glossier. i have only purchased a couple products from there ( you can check out my post here ) but i love them to death! the packaging is stunning and the quality is great. my favourite clothing brands are urban outfitters and brandy melville.

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6.  what do you what to be when you are older? dream job

my dream job would be an interior or graphic designer, but i would like to be a doctor when i am older because i want to help people and make the world a better place.

7.  favourite movie / book / song?

my favourite movie is stand by me, i love the 80s fashion and the plot is really interesting. i also LOVE clueless for the same reasons! my favourite book is the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur. it is a book full of beautiful poetry and illustrations. at the moment my favourite songs are japanese denim by daniel caesar, god’s plan by drake, and pretty girl by clairo.

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8.   favourite bloggers?

i have so so so many favourite bloggers. i am obsessed with frankie, i love her design, i also love chloe, her blog is so aesthetically pleasing and fiona’s blog is so gorgeous, i love her photos!


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